At VIDEO GUARD we trust in the many years of experience and the excellent specialist knowledge of our employees. We use this in the constant further development of our various VIDEO GUARD systems. Whether Professional, Solar, Ultra, One or Ultimate – our products keep getting better.

Thanks to continuous improvement processes and a suggestion system with direct communication channels, potential for optimization in use, maintenance or in-house production is quickly identified and reported. A solution is then worked on directly in that the working groups develop, check, test and finally implement proposed solutions on the devices. In this way, new expansion stages of the VIDEO GUARDs can be activated regularly and the protection of our customers’ properties can be continuously improved. Then the top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our customers!


Therefore, we also react to special requirements or wishes of our customers. The technical monitoring systems are not only constantly being further developed, but also new products are designed, developed and transferred to the prototype phase. Of course, this is done with the extensive use of CAD models to enable a wide variety of simulations.

In close cooperation with our partners, we flexibly develop new solutions and test them in our in-house test center. Here we simulate the everyday life of our customers in order to check and optimize the properties of our new developments. Hardware and software – the best way is sought here.


The software solution based on the high-quality electrical components is an essential aspect of monitoring customer objects and detecting intruders. Due to the special requirements of our industry, we are in close contact with the development team of the world market leader for video analysis.

Only in this way can we succeed in exploiting the maximum potential of the algorithms and guaranteeing error-free detection.


Another essential aspect is the linking of the analysis software with the IT systems of our in-house control center. The specially developed software ensures a smooth transition of the data received from our VIDEO GUARDs to the alarm center.

Together with our partners, we continue to drive development forward. Driven by ideas and customer requests, we implement new projects, develop new functions and constantly improve ourselves. An important project, for example, is the connection of new camera systems to the software.

Only with our contribution to the development and research of the video surveillance systems and the associated software can we ensure that we offer the best surveillance for customers and further develop VIDEO GUARD sustainably.