Video Guard Professional


VIDEO GUARD PROFESSIONAL protects your assets from theft and vandalism during the day and at night, so you can sleep safely.

Our three Ultra LowLight cameras monitor permanently and without pauses by means of intelligent video analytics of the world market leader in video analysis. At the same time, infrared spotlights matched to the cameras provide daylight visibility without disturbing neighbors or attracting potential thieves with visible lighting. Guests who are not invited are directly addressed by our control center with 120bD sound pressure and asked to leave their premises. If this does not happen, we organize the intervening of the arrest together with the police or their security service.

In the case of the case, each of the 5 megapixel cameras with their high resolution help in the identification of intruders and later judicial usability of the video recordings.

VIDEO GUARD PROFESSIONAL is your dependable way to continue in the morning where you left off in the evening.

That’s for sure now.

Video Guard Professional


Video Guard Professional


Video Guard Professional


Perpetrator detection by day

Perpetrator detection by night

Video Guard Professional


While the response time to alerting the police on traditional alarm systems can take up to 25 minutes, VIDEO GUARD‘s video control center responds directly to reliable video images to ensure rapid police response.

Normally, however, the offender speech is sufficient to make it clear that he is being recorded on video and it is time to stop the theft and flee.