Video Guard Flex

Mobile and efficient – easy flexible

VIDEO GUARD Flex is the ideal solution for monitoring medium size surfaces, access roads and vehicle parks. Thanks to consumption-optimized electronics, the system can be operated all year round for up to 10 days without mains power binding. During the summer time, the Flex is even up to 180 days of mains power independency.

The viewing angle of the Flex is variable between 30 and 120 degrees adjustable. Our video analysis technology reaches a perpetrator detection range of up to 110 meters in the top. In the standard application case with an angle of 90 °, the detection range is around 70m.

The Starlight Dome camera is supported by a sensor-controlled night vision function and an optional infrared headlight. Perpetrators are addressed directly by our ARC via the integrated speaker.

The VIDEO GUARD Flex also impresses with a compact design and its mobility. Thanks to its tires, the device can be moved by a person to react flexibly to changed requirements.


Mobile and flexible: With little space and through-roof transport solutions just in handling

Market-leading monitoring performance – viewing angle of 30 to 120 degrees flexibly adjustable to your needs

Long mains power independency thanks to photovoltaics, battery pack and innovative technology

For this we offer you with the VIDEO GUARD Flex a unique insurance cover up to € 500,000.

Video Guard Flex


Video Guard Flex


Video Guard Flex


Video Guard Flex


With the integrated high-performance batteries, we bridge weekends and even extended holidays without the need for expensive diesel units to continue running up to 10 days.

During the summer time and direct sunlight on the solar side walls of the Video Guard Flex, we achieve a mains-independent runtime of up to 180 days.

The emergency battery is remotely monitored and controlled like our entire system. So we always know about the status and charge status of our batteries and create planning security for our customers.